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  • [PSY] Blacklist

    Hello Psy members!Our servers dont currently have a blacklist. So we are going to set it up here. We will use the example of: Please use this scheme in a comment:   // Name: // Ban Reason: // Server: // Proof: // Ban Date: (ip ...

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    1863 days ago

  • noob accusing me of cheating today

    Hello guys,An unknown noob, nicknamed "QL" accused me of cheating today. I'm publishing the demo here, so he can eat shit.Cheating is against PSY rules. Cheaters are retards that should have been aborted.Noobs that accuse falsely PSY members wil not be tolerated. Therefore this "QL" moron will be...

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    1259 days ago

  • PSY Blacklist and Whitelist ^ for modifications, contact us on the chat or contact [PSY]Infinity, he's updating these files [PSY]Death

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    862 days ago