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  • Urban Terror server

    Hey guys, We're running a test PSY server in Urban Terror. It's a pretty cool game. If you wanna test it out, download it here: Once the game downloaded and installed, "Get New List" of servers and look for "" server. I suggest you "Add to Favorite" the ...

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    1352 days ago

  • How to find the UT server?

    2 people asked me this today, so I better write a post xD   Download the game here: Install and load the game Click play online Click "Get New Server List" Look for and select click "Add to favorites" Go play :D PS: I don't know if there'...

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    1348 days ago

  • Urban Terror :: PSY server available

    Hi PSYs, We setup a test server in the game Urban Terror. If you want to give it try, This is the PSY page in the game :: 1. Download the "full" game :: Load the game, select "play online"3. "filter" the serve...

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    1043 days ago

  • UrbanTerror night

    Hi guys, Me, lolbomb, Encrypted, YourTeddyBear and maybe bommy will play some UT tonight. Our PSY server there is up and running. To connect, on the servers list, type on the "filter" field "psy". Or you can look for it too among the other servers. Its name is "******" and it's all ...

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    792 days ago

  • UrbanTerror group

    We decided to create this group for posting things about UrbanTerror game. We are trying it out and it's being great so far. This is the PSY page there :: to be added as "members" you need to be authenticated. Have fun ;) [PSY]Death  

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    792 days ago