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  • [PSY]Mini Tournament -> Inscriptions opened until Jan 31!

    Hi there PSYCHOS & Friends, What about a mini-tournament in february for fun? :P If you would like to participate, please comment here saying "I'm in" or something. We will then schedule the matches and publish in our site. That's all folks! [PSY]Death --------- EDIT: Days & Times w...

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    1785 days ago

  • [PSY]Mini Tournament -> Last chance to take part

    Hello everyone! Today is the last day for signing up for our mini tournament! So far there are 15 participants: [PSY]Death [PSY]John [PSY]Encrypted [PSY]RAZOR [PSY]P3ngu1n [PSY]Princess [PSY]gy_be [PSY]ZeNoob [PSY]ArM4G3DDoN Casius Houdini f0r3v3r quico madcatz badger If you...

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    1779 days ago

  • [PSY]Mini Tournament (fall 2016): registration open until November 6h

    Hi everyone! This fall we'll try to set up a fun little 1vs1 tournament. It will use rules similar to this one (in short: single elimination best of 3, all official maps and modes are allowed). Registration is open throughout these two weeks until November 6th. After that brackets and timetable...

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    783 days ago