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  • How to become a PSY?

    Hi there! To become a PSY, you need 3 things: Read and understand the rules Post your membership application Request your test to the Recruiting Leader or Agents ([PSY]Infinity, [PSY]John or [PSY]Death)   PS: All PSY members have right to obtain for free, under request, the follo...

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    873 days ago

  • Danger is no longer a PSY. He lied in his application...

    Dear PSYChos and friends,This is sad news... Danger lied in his application, he's 12 years old only. As everybody knows, the age limit to join our clan is 16 years old.The clan voted and he will have to leave us. He will be able to apply again in 4 years (when he's 16).[PSY]Death

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    1414 days ago

  • PSY welcomes [PSY]Shadow, from Canada!

    Dear friends, I'm glad to inform you that after a long test, [PSY]Shadow has joined our clan! I wish you success and a very long stay with us :) [PSY]Death updated members list

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    1533 days ago

  • PSY welcomes [PSY]Danger! :D

    Ooooh yeah PSYCHOS, We come back from vacations with total power! [PSY]Danger comes to help our clan on the battle ground! We wish you a very long stay man, and welcome to the family :D   [PSY]Death

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    1429 days ago

  • Ooooooh yeah, [PSY]Bommy[ita] finally join us !

    Dear PSYChOs and friends,   After a long time being a PSY friend and very active on the IRC, bommy finaly decided to take the test. We played osok, knife and ctf. He went very well in all modes. He's joining the IT Division :D That's it, see you all folks. And welcome to the family, bo...

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    1424 days ago

  • [PSY]L!ZZ4rD joins the Recruiting Division

    Ooooooh yeah PSYCHOS, I come with some awesome news! Our friend [PSY]L!ZZ4rD accepted a new challege in our clan: to become a recruiter! He has joined the Recruiting Division and is now a Recruiting Agent. His job is to help the clan with everything recruiting-related, including the tests and d...

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    1414 days ago

  • We have a new member in the PSY family: Welcome lolbomb :DDD

    OOOoooooooh yeah PSYchos,   After a long test, I am happy to inform you all that lolbomb is now part of the family! He brings excellent AC skills and will join the Matches & Training Division. I wish you long stay, my friend. :) And keep on HS! \nn/   [PSY]Death updated memb...

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    1371 days ago

  • quico leaves the clan

    Hello friends, Due to personal reasons, quico asked to leave PSY. I understand his reasons and I wish him good luck. All things (members list, blacklist, mail, cloud, etc) will be updated soon. [PSY]Death

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    1348 days ago

  • The clan welcomes [PSY]Mouton from France!

    Oh yeah PSYCHOS, After an exhausting battle at the test, [PSY]Mouton proved his value and conquered his place in our clan through honor and bravery! xD He will be joining the Mapping Division for now, but he certainly is ready to battle anytime. Enjoy your stay, new friend. [PSY]Death update...

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    1296 days ago

  • [PSY]Infinity, from Spain, is our new clan mate!

    yoooo PSYCHOS & Friends! Great news, muchachos: [PSY]Infinity from Spain joins the family. He decided to enter the Recruting Division :D He has awesome skills and I'm sure he will also be doing matches a lot. That's it people, have a great night. [PSY]Death PS: current members list here.

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    1253 days ago