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  • Danger is no longer a PSY. He lied in his application...

    Dear PSYChos and friends,This is sad news... Danger lied in his application, he's 12 years old only. As everybody knows, the age limit to join our clan is 16 years old.The clan voted and he will have to leave us. He will be able to apply again in 4 years (when he's 16).[PSY]Death

    Tags: Recruiting, Quitting

    1414 days ago

  • quico leaves the clan

    Hello friends, Due to personal reasons, quico asked to leave PSY. I understand his reasons and I wish him good luck. All things (members list, blacklist, mail, cloud, etc) will be updated soon. [PSY]Death

    Tags: Recruiting, Quitting

    1348 days ago