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  • [PSY] Clan RULES !

    I - General Rules: The goal of the clan is to develop a friendly community of gamers and game techniques among its members, with respect to everyone and aiming to have fun only. We do not tolerate lame actions (CHEATING, camping, racism, xenophobia, .NET or ASP coding, web servers on windows,...

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    492 days ago

  • Rules modification - PSY friends can now be AC server admins

    Hi guys, After some discussion and voting, we have decided to modify the rule: 5.4 Only PSYs using the PSY tag can take admin. to 5.4 Only PSYs using the PSY tag and registered PSY friends can take admin. We will award admin password to 3 PSY friends, during 6 months and reevaluate t...

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    492 days ago