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  • All servers maprots

    yoo psychos! so I saw that PSY servers are with good maprots but I think that It should be one server for each maprot (official, unofficial, mixed) I would add/remove the maps you say to me (if they are / or not in the corresponding server) if you want. -In Matches Server you should tell me map...

    Tags: PSY, administration, maprot, servers

    875 days ago

  • Happy anniversary, PSY! Our clan is now 5 years old \o/

    Hello PSYchos and friends, It's with great pleasure that we celebrate today 5 years of existence. We are now one of the oldest AC clans still in activity. I am very proud to be part of this team. You guys are awesome :) [PSY]Death

    Tags: PSY, Anniversary, 5 years

    1135 days ago