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  • Short game that I had to leave

    Well I had to study and my rents left the house really quick, decided to get a quick half-game in. This isn't that impressive, but I was only in that lobby for about 2 mins before i left, because my rents came back :D But still, not bad for like 3 minutes.

    Tags: ozone, OSOK, Douze

    1802 days ago

  • Not so bad game on a unique map.

    I need to start playing with you guys, I need to be tested haha! but yeah first time ive played this map. basically just a smaller "twintowers" with no elevation. Love it!

    Tags: Ozone, OSOK, Newmap

    1802 days ago

  • Phrenia

    Obscure macabre creatures tormenting lonely souls You can't escape the infernal race.

    Skills: OSOK, TOSOK, Sniper

    1033 days ago