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  • [PSY]YourTeddy and [PSY]quico are now [PSY]Leaders! (and bb inactives)

    ...'m sure PSY will be much better with this new management team :) Have a nice day, [PSY]Death -------- PS: We also are saying goodbye to 6 inactive players: ChoCoLeadcoreDyN4miiKCallOf...

    1562 days ago

  • P3ngu1n is one of us!

    [PSY]P3ngu1n, is now the newest member of the psy clan. Great to have you!We have not changed the max limit of members.We are removing [PSY]JR from the clan because he has been inactive for 4 months.

    1891 days ago

  • Gathering [PSY] team for the B} League

    B} Leagues: Sign-Up I think this tournament is a great opportunity for [PS...ive AssaultCube. So, we need a team. We must gather at least three players, but it would be nice to have a few players ready to substitute someone i...

    1776 days ago

  • yo guys :D READ THIS

    hey [PSY]John here, been inactive for about a year or less, started playing again yesterday, the newest PSY members probably wont know me so if u see me around just say...

    1298 days ago

  • [PSY]Razor out of the "inactive" list

    wow another great news tonight: [PSY]Razor is out of the inactivity list :D he contacted me and said he's ready to come back FULL POWAH \o/ We might be playing with him tomorrow, so stay tuned. [PSY]Death PS: updated members list here.

    1254 days ago

  • [PSY] 4th Anniversary Tournament

    The PSY Anniversary tournament is coming, you...//Captain: //Members:   -Main players:   -Substitutes: must consist of at least three players including a captain. The se...ay not talk or interrupt the match. Players should be polite to one anoth...

    1503 days ago

  • [PSY]Mini Tournament -> Schedule & Rules

    The tournament is single-elimination, with additional match...The winner of a game is one with more frags. Both players should take screenshots of ga...winner must post them in comments here.  If players failed to play a match, the o...

    1815 days ago

  • [PSY]MegaXD and [PSY]Foumaiz are the new soldiers!

    Hai everyone! After awesome matches, [PSY]MegaXD and [PSY]Foumaiz have headshotted their way into PSY! Two very good players, it's great to have you guys in the family. Welcome! :)  

    1905 days ago

  • We were one of the most active clans!!!

    What happened to our clan? We have become inactive clan and I find that unfortunate because we were one of the most active clans!!

    1718 days ago

  • Back on track!

    With our past anniversary of the clan the idea came to mind for some new skins. I started eagerly to edit some of th...ent PSY skins and added logos for a few members already. The project has been inactiv...

    1053 days ago