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  • Changes on the server config files (whitelist, blacklist, map rotation, etc)

    Dear PSYs, Many of you have received the IT training and are able to edit the files yourselves independently. This is an effective way to provide a timely response to the IT incidents. In order to enhance even further the effectiveness of those processes, I please ask all of you from now on to ...

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    1427 days ago

  • New dedicated server

    Excellent news, guys! We are upgrading from 4GB RAM, 1TB HD, debian 7   to   32GB RAM, 2TB HD, debian 8. Some perturbations will happen during the following month (some services down, etc). But we expect the transition to be 100% completed by July. Several other improvements...

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    1226 days ago

  • IT ideas... II

    Write a script that sends an email to the IT Division (or to the leaders) and save also to a log file everytime someone gets admin in AC or is kicked/banned. Write a script where PSYs could have real time access to the server logs (maybe update Charlotte's code?)      

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    1149 days ago

  • *** Attention: Downtime scheduled and action required for server upgrades ***

    Dear PSYs and friends,1. There is a major downtime scheduled to this Saturday, September 19, 2015. We will finally move from the 4GB RAM dedicated to the 32GB dedicated.2. All those that have a PSY email or hosting need to download their backup.   2.1 If you have a PSY mail, you are in ...

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    1132 days ago

  • Welcome back :)

    Hi there folks! Services are being restablished during this weekend. More informations, go to the IRC.   See ya ;) [PSY]Death

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    1115 days ago

  • Sync Templates working again

    It not only updates the server files from the "templates" folder in the PSY Cloud, but also will copy the whitelist and blacklist to be available on at the URLs below:

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    1078 days ago