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Obscure macabre creatures tormenting lonely souls

You can't escape the infernal race.

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  • Second nickname

    Last updated 1337 days ago by Phrenia Comments (3)
    I need a second nickname for Assault cube and wanted your opininons 1. Omnicide 2. Hippy 3. GanjaFarmer 4 Democide 5 Genocide 6 Schizo 7. Herbalist 8. Billybong Or Make one for me Please give your opinion as some people ban me just cuz...
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  • Musicians?

    By Phrenia 1351 days ago Comments (15)
    Yo i would like to ask if there are any musicians It would be cool to talk to music, instruments , songs with people. Because yeah. music brings people together right. and good talk about music is never wrong
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