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Contact email: P3ngu1n@psyclan.org

About me

I've never known a single person who liked filling out 'About me' sections...

The highlights: I'm a 31-year-old AC enthusiast who lives in Fairbanks, Alaska. I work for a nonprofit as a writer, editor, and project manager, and am one of the lucky people who genuinely enjoys my job. I'm an introvert, extremely sarcastic, very competitive (but not nastily so), and always interested in learning new things.


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  • Back Home, and Online!

    By [PSY]P3ngu1n 1716 days ago Comments (1)
    Hey, PSY-clan and Friends -- Long time! And happy (very belated) PSY-birthday to the clan! I let Death and a couple of others know I'd be traveling for five weeks through December and the beginning of January. Hope everybody had good holidays and...
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