Probably the best image I've ever came across http://orig11.deviantart.net/e64d/f/2016/128/b/5/whimsical_woodman_by_hibbary-da1rcv4.png

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Brief description: [PSY]Mapmaker
Telephone: +430936428903425428048042804805803428954824092508958259920892094905085205825.25925925984p#
Mobile phone: +430936428903425428048042804805803428954824092508958259920892094905085205825.25925925984p#
Twitter username: I don't have Twitter. It sucks.

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  • Apocalyptium

    Last updated 1402 days ago by [PSY]Encrypted
    "If ye wanna know 'bout the legendary Apoc-metal, here's the story. Once upon a time, a blacksmith called Sledge was forging another sword. He's one of those guys who always needs money urgently. And while he was forging it, someone came and told...
  • Rotating Text

    Last updated 1764 days ago by [PSY]Encrypted Comments (1)
    rotatingtexttrotatingtexxtrotatingteextrotatingttextrotatinggtextrotatinngtextrotatiingtextrotattingtextrotaatingtextrottatingtextrootatingtextrrotatingtext TEXT ROTATED
  • [PSY] Hide'n'Seek gamemode by Encrypted (UPDATE!!)

    Last updated 1246 days ago by [PSY]Encrypted
    Shorter name of this gamemode is HnS. Rules: Team X is searching, team Y is hiding. Team X's main goal is to kill all team Y members. Team Y's main goal is to survive for 6 minutes. Team Y can't use weapons 'til there's only one team member...
  • [PSY] Official Maps Submitting Format

    Last updated 1786 days ago by [PSY]Encrypted
    Name of the map Authors Description Made in (days, hours) Additional info   This file must be included in package.
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