VI - [PSY]UrbanTerror

VI - [PSY]UrbanTerror

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The complicated healing process | UT WIKI | This is how UT works

How to heal, what is working what is not working:

  1. You can stop yourself from bleeding (loosing life points and making crazy sounds) by pressing q. If you start shooting while the healing process, healing will stop and you will go on bleeding. This will not give you additional live points.
  2. You can heal others by mooving to them and press q. You can only give them a few percent of the live points using that. You need to press q more than one time for that.
  3. You can heal the full player live (only for other ppl) by equipping the medic pack. Other players can see you having that pack on map (medic symbol at player). If you have it, you can heal players using 2., but you can give full live by pressing e often.

Be so nice and heal other ppl if you have time for that procedure. It will definitely help them winning the next one or two 1 vs 1 fights.

And do not run away when ppl are healing you. This will be really helpfull for the one healing you.

When someone is healing you, watch their back. They are working at your health, and during that time you are responsible for their health. Shoot enemys attacking you, watch all possible places where they could come and go (slowly) to a corner where your changes are better.