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"If ye wanna know 'bout the legendary Apoc-metal, here's the story.

Once upon a time, a blacksmith called Sledge was forging another sword. He's one of those guys who always needs money urgently. And while he was forging it, someone came and told him the tale about the Apoc-metal.

"Some people say there're ores of this legendary metal called "the Apocalyptium". It's indestructible, and if someone even dares to TRY to destroy it, he's burnin' in hell now."

So, you might ask, where the hell is it? This guy didn't knew, he only heard the myth. He believes it, really. He also believes that there's only one man capable of tellin' him where is this legendary metal, and his name is Victor.

Luckily, there was a guy called Victor, only 155 kilometres away. The blacksmith packed himself up and came to him. Victor told him where the Apocalyptium lies, and they lived hap- wait, NO! It's not the end.

The blacksmith found the Apocalyptium and tried to smelt it when he came back, but because a horde of knights attacked him and his town, he needed to escape, forgetting about his Apocalyptium forever. And then, one knight walked in and bashed one of precious Apocalyptium bars, and it cursed him for TWELVE THOUSAND YEARS. After few years, however, he had two options: be cursed or curse the world. And what the knight did? Of course, he was selfish, so he cursed this world, and now, shall hour 13:37 start, the Apocalypse starts, but because it can't start so fast, it ends before it can start.

The end."

This is for you, Razor!