[PSY] Clan RULES !

[PSY] Clan RULES !

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I - General Rules:

  1. The goal of the clan is to develop a friendly community of gamers and game techniques among its members, with respect to everyone and aiming to have fun only.
  2. We do not tolerate lame actions (CHEATING, camping, racism, xenophobia, .NET or ASP coding, web servers on windows, etc).
  3. You need to be reasonably active. That doesn’t mean you need to play everyday, of course. But at least, you need to reply to the rare clan’s emails/communications. [PSY] doesn’t need or want inactive or unresponsive players.
  4. If a PSY is blacklisted on the official AC forums, he/she will be automatically suspended from PSY until his ban time is over. Ban evading is not allowed and there are no exceptions to this.
  5. We are a social and friendly clan. Bad behavior and everyday rudeness is not welcomed.
  6. As an international clan, our official language is English. It is considered rude to speak other languages if there is another PSY that doesn’t speak it present.
  7. If you are a PSY you are a PSY only. It means that our members are not allowed to participate in other clans.
  8. The list of PSY members is always updated. Not in the list of members, not PSY.
  9. The PSY rules can be updated by an agreement of the currently active Leaders.

II - Divisions:

  1.  Generalities:
    1.1 There are four Divisions: Recruiting, Matches & Training, Mapping and IT.
    1.2 Each Division has an independent Leader. The Leader can choose Agents, that shall help him on the management of the Division.
    1.3 Every PSY member is entitled to join any (one) division he wants. Being part of a division does not automatically make you an Agent of said division.
    1.4 PSY members are allowed more than one division if they are considered by the Leaders to be very active.
  2.  Recruiting rules:
    2.1 The limit of clan members is 20.
    2.2 To be eligible to join PSY you must:
         -2.2.1 Be at least 16 years old. (Individual cases can be voted if you show a certain level of maturity.)
         -2.2.2 Be known by other members. (Having played with us and/or chatting on the IRC)
         -2.2.3 Register on this website and apply to the membership application.
         -2.2.4 Pass the PSY entrance test.
    2.3 Rules of the PSY entrance test:
         -2.3.1 Tests will be announced several days in advance and all PSY members are welcome to spectate.
         -2.3.2 Tests will be performed by Agents of the recruiting divison or Leaders.
         -2.3.3 The use of TS3 with mic is mandatory for the test.
         -2.3.4 The test will consist of different AC modes as to evaluate skills.
         -2.3.5 If you fail the test, you must wait 1 month before you can take it again.
    2.4 If you are member of another clan and want to join us, you can schedule your test with our Recruiting Leader or Agents, but will only formally be part of PSY when you leave the other clan (obviously by writing to them).
  3.  Matches & Training rules:
    3.1 Clan Matches are official games that can not be taken lightly. While on a CM, always be on your best behaviour. (Obviously no abuse, cheating, ragequits. Remember you represent the clan.)
    3.2 Do not accept CM's for other PSY members, always ask before. If a CM is accepted and then not played it can be considered as an automatic loss.
    3.3 The Division Leader shall complete this.
  4.  Mapping rules:
    4.1 Any PSY member can apply to join the Mapping division by submitting a map they have created. The mapping division members will then decide whether to accept or reject your membership.
    4.2 All official PSY maps will be decided in the division.
    4.3 The Division Leader shall complete this.
  5.  Information Technology rules:
    5.1 All members will have the password to all PSY servers. Passwords are updated here.
    5.2 Admin abuse is not tolerated:
         -5.2.1 Always use a valid reason for your kicks/bans.
         -5.2.2 Never take admin if another member is currently admin.
         -5.2.3 Call votes and do not enforce modes/mastermodes/maps.
    5.3 Don’t set the Public server to private unless there is a good reason. Use other PSY servers available (use Matches, Training or PSYfriends server).
    5.4 Only PSYs using the PSY tag and registered PSY friends can take admin.
    5.5 Abuse will be reported to the psyclan blacklist.
    5.6 PSY protects its tag with a whitelist.

III - Breaking the rules:

  1.  By being in PSY or applying to be a member you accept to follow and enforce these rules.
  2. Any breaking of these rules can be penalised from a simple warning to an eventual exclusion from the clan.

  3. PSYs can suggest modifying rules or adding/substracting rules by refering to the Leaders.