VI - [PSY]UrbanTerror

VI - [PSY]UrbanTerror

Interested in playing Urban Terror with a few friends? Join this group for playing, supporting, working together and so on!


PSY UT Servers: Revision

PSY UT Servers

Last updated 670 days ago by [PSY]Death

Hi guys,

We have 2 servers at the moment running Urban Terror.

  1. *****
    This is our regular "public" server.

  2. ***** bots
    This is our "training" server, with bots. There are 6 bots, divided between both teams. Bots are quite smart. Bots marked with "5" on their names are the most skilled (one per team).

Don't hesitate to practice with the bots, they're quite fun to play with! We can adjust their skills too if needed.

To find the servers on the masterserver list, you can use type "psy" on the filter. To ease future access, you can also add PSY servers to your "Favorites".

Have fun ;)