noob accusing me of cheating today

noob accusing me of cheating today
By [PSY]Death 1105 days ago Comments (4)

Hello guys,

An unknown noob, nicknamed "QL" accused me of cheating today. I'm publishing the demo here, so he can eat shit.

Cheating is against PSY rules. Cheaters are retards that should have been aborted.

Noobs that accuse falsely PSY members wil not be tolerated. Therefore this "QL" moron will be blacklisted.

See y'all,


PS: here follows his IP for the blacklist:

root@psyclan:~# cat /var/log/syslog | grep "client QL"
Aug 10 17:12:30 psyclan AssaultCube[local#9000]: [] disconnected client QL cn 2, 498 seconds played, score saved


  • [PSY]John 1105 days ago

    my F3 (claim admin button) was looking rather good at this time i was gonna ban his ass into oblivion xD

  • [PSY]Death 1105 days ago

    lawl, but it was better for him to stay until the end.. i'll blacklist him tomorrow or later today, just want to give him the chance of coming here and downloading the file.

  • ArM4G3DDoN 1100 days ago

    That bastard plays every day in PSY servers he knows that we are not cheaters.


  • [PSY]Death 1099 days ago

    yeah man, and he ban evades too, but i'm collecting all his IPs and banning them.