[PSY]FaZe quits the clan (lol)

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[PSY]FaZe quits the clan (lol)

Started by [PSY]Death 1761 days ago Replies (3)

This is his message, lol:

"Hey Death when I was trying to connect to psyclan.org 14000 AC went crazy and my comp turned of buy himself so AC is doing since a couple of time what it wants and finally I decided to delete the game and maybe I will return in a couple of month or weeks I don't know or never because this fucking gam. Just frags my PC and that's not good :) so I will not play anymore Assault Cube and that means automatically that I leave PSY . This Game is just making me crazy and rage quitting the whole time (have to take a break of it) 

I wish you and the clan the best and maybe bit just maybe I'll return but actually I don't think so. Because that game sucks o.O ok have a nice time bye 

FaZe (AC Hater)"


If Faze can't even install the game, I'm actually glad he left the clan.