Rules modification - PSY friends can now be AC server admins

Hi guys,

After some discussion and voting, we have decided to modify the rule:

5.4 Only PSYs using the PSY tag can take admin.


5.4 Only PSYs using the PSY tag and registered PSY friends can take admin.

We will award admin password to 3 PSY friends, during 6 months and reevaluate thereafter this changing, which can be reversed if it doesn't work. However, we believe this is a good move and will help our servers to be free of abusers.

Our first PSY Friend who is now a server admin is: DES|Medusa (Dani). She is often in our chat, don't hesitate to communicate any problems to her and she'll be able to kick/ban/blacklist/whitelist and other general server administration. If you prefer, you can also create a support ticket.

On behalf of our clan, I'd like to thank Dani and the other PSY friends that will help us and help AC in general to keep safe, proper and fun servers.

See you all,