VI - [PSY]UrbanTerror

VI - [PSY]UrbanTerror

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Some things I learned while playing | May this be useful for you?

While playing UT today I thought about how to get better ingame. For me UT was the game where you try to kill one while running outside, but before you really could shoot, you are dead.

This happened, cause I were playing UT like AC, trying to react faster than others, and to jump outside and kill. But that is suicide in UT.

So this is what I learned: Try to live as long as possible, stay in cover, try to find camping spots (yes, its not camping in UT, its tactics), and try to get behind the enemys. The longer you live, the higher are changes that you can trick the enemys.

The second thing I learned: all the weapons are crap. If you dont know how to use them. Shooting with any Assault Rifle at hight distance is like shooting at the air. So I give you this hint: try to shoot one shot after another (like pistol in AC, switch weapon at semi-automatic [For me its Key n]) for long distances, so you are able to aim better, and kill faster. Each shot you hit is a good shot, each you miss gives the enemy a change to hit you. But dont forget to switch back to automatic on close places :)

Greetings to you, I hope this is helpful ;)