All servers maprots

yoo psychos! so I saw that PSY servers are with good maprots but I think that It should be one server for each maprot (official, unofficial, mixed)

I would add/remove the maps you say to me (if they are / or not in the corresponding server) if you want.

-In Matches Server you should tell me maps like: ac_shine, ac_desert3, ac_power,etc (all of them in CTF mode) and some maps like ac_desert or ac_douze (in DM mode when there are less than 4 people). This would be the competitive CTF server with official maps. (there can be maps like ac_village or ac_casa because I consider them competitive maps that are played more or less everyday, tell me if you dont agree with me in that maps)

-In Public Server you should tell me all maps official or unnoficial (not camper maps or "crappy considered maps") Some examples are skeeeee or eeeeeeeeeeeeeeks, or you can also say ac_artic or what map you want. All modes allowed in this server. This server would be for have fun with all maps that we like :D

-In Trainning/Mapping Server you should tell me unofficial maps (not crappy considered ofc) that you like so much and maps done by PSY members. Creative maps. This server would be too for doing Matches or to do maps putting it in private/match mode if is necessary (trainning/mapping) if it is not occuped, in that case we should use Matches Server. Try not to use Public server to be in private.


Tell me your ideas, opinions and maps please :P


  • [PSY]Slkfd 873 days ago

    I'd like to offer my map ac_blyat to be added to the rotation(s). I'm not entirely sure which server it'd be best for, but it's a TOSOK-only map.

  • [PSY]Death 870 days ago

    Hi there,

    Teddy and me went through some maps and here follow our suggestions:

    • CTF - Warbase
    • CTF - ac_bank
    • TOSOK - ac_blyat_1.0
    • OSOK - Medal_of_Honor
    • TOSOK - Pirate_Ship_II
    • TOSOK - This_is_Sparta
    • TOSOK - ac_dioura
    • OSOK - ac_krullskeep
    • KNIFE - ac_oldfirestation
    • TOSOK - kingofthehill
    • TDM - Battle_of_the_opera
    • TOSOK/Knife - Pool-PSY
    • TOSOK - Nuketown
    • TDM - pac-man
    • CTF - ac_pool_day
    • OSOK - ac_skeeee
    • TOSOK - ac_eeeeeeeeeeks
    • TOSOK - ac_space_douze
    • CTF - ac_village
    • KNIFE - mini_douze
    • OSOK/DM - wz_bunkergarden
    • CTF - minecraftmonsters
    • TDM - mg_battle
    • TDM - PSYchiatry
    • CTF/TDM - powerplant
    • TDM - minecraft_mines
    • OSOK - LostInSpace


    We have the file for all maps, if needed just ask :)

    Thanks!!! <3


  • [PSY]Infinity 867 days ago

    Votations are opened until 7 September :)

  • [PSY]Infinity 856 days ago

    Modify this list and kick the maps that you dont like and maps you think they are not allowed, and RE-POST:

    Airlin-Terrorists CTF, TOSOK
    ArMs_Nuketown CTF, TDM, TOSOK
    Bullet-Storm CTF, TDM, TOSOK
    CastleTakeover CTF, TDM, TOSOK
    Colossus_Castle_War_1.2 CTF
    Counter-CLA_City  CTF
    Counter-Millitary-Field CTF
    Counter-The-War-In-Desert CTF
    Chaves_Expansion CTF
    Football Stadium CTF
    KingOfTheHill CTF, TOSOK
    Omaha_beach_assault CTF, TDM
    PoolCarnage CTF, TOSOK
    Pyramid-Stadium  CTF
    SWAT_silent_day_2.4 CTF
    Sniper-Tunnel-1.3 CTF, TOSOK
    TheTempleOfDeath CTF, LSS
    Vietnam_War CTF
    ac_Crossfire1.2 CTF
    colorCraft CTF, TOSOK
    k4_arena HTF
    longhornfixed CTF
    neonox CTF
    street-soldiers-pro1.2 CTF, TOSOK
    trenches_warfare CTF, TOSOK
    ac_Syria CTF
    kt_hotel CTF
    kt_church CTF
    kt_meadow CTF
    ac_douze OSOK, TOSOK
    ac_desert TOSOK
    Medal_of_Honor TOSOK, OSOK
    inferno TOSOK
    eeeeeeeeeeeeks TOSOK
    TheiPlusPlayers TOSOK
    JumP_Metro TOSOK
    Warbase CTF
    ac_bank CTF
    Pirate_Ship_II CTF, TOSOK
    This_is_Sparta  TOSOK
    ac_dioura TOSOK
    ac_krullskeep TOSOK, OSOK
    ac_oldfirestation LSS
    Battle_of_the_opera TDM
    Nuketown CTF, TOSOK
    ac_casablanca CTF
    pac-man TDM
    pacman3 CTF
    ac_pool_day CTF, TOSOK
    ac_skee OSOK
    ac_space_douze TOSOK
    ac_village CTF
    mini_douze LSS
    wz_bunkergarden DM, OSOK
    minecraftmonsters CTF
    mg_battle TDM, TOSOK
    PSYchiatry TDM
    powerplant CTF, TDM
    minecraft_mines TDM
    LostInSpace OSOK
    Battleoftheopera TDM
    ac_blyat_1.0 CTF, TOSOK