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[MTR] Map Testing Routine

Hey Mappers :)

mapping is a difficult process with many steps of creating and fixing. And do you know maps wich were published with some errors in it (wich can make it unplayable or extreamly ugly)? But nobody can withdraw the publication of the map, because the creator of the map is not the admin on all servers. This can lead in extreme to two versions of the maps wich compete against each other. The creator of the map has lost the controll.

Now Ill ask you: What errors have you seen on maps and what would have been a test that could have been made before publishing to fix this error before? The target is to develope a testing system, so that PSY maps are error free when being published. Note that at least the developer of the map has the last decision. So if there is an error detected during testing process and the map creator knows it or the error is wanted, he could tell it should not be changed. But he will get to know about this as being a possible problem.

Here we will now collect a set of tests that PSY mebers will do before publishing a new map.


Your TeddyBear


  • [PSY]YourTeddy 1067 days ago

    I have seen many errors that could appear. Here is my list with possible tests to detect them:

    1. Missing Textures/Mapmodels: A person not working at the map should play it and see if all textures/mapmodels are loaded.

    2. Bad Gameplay: Although the author of a map tryed all to create a good gameplay there could be errors that could only be detected while playing. This could be fixed by playing two or three matches with many PSY members to detect.

    3. Accepted on AC Akimbo: If the map should be compatible with all players in AC this could only be done by uploading the map to akimbo. The target is NOT to bring the map to Akimbo, but to bring the own textures/mapmodels there. If this does not work, there will be many errors with other ppl playing this map. Tipp: If the map is not accepted at AC Akimbo make a second one, fixed in the details they told, with another name and the same textures. If this gets applyed, the textures are also online for the other map.

    If I remember more, Ill post them here. Do you have some tests that should be done on a new map?

  • [PSY]Death 1065 days ago

    Awesome \o/