Abuse admin in PSY servers


Today someone got admin at the 10000. This player got admin WITHOUT his tag and nick (he was using a different nickname). This is against PSY rules:

5.4 Only PSYs using the PSY tag can take admin.

Also, the person kicked all players in the server and set it private! This is also against PSY rules:

5.2 Admin abuse is not tolerated:
     -5.2.1 Always use a valid reason for your kicks/bans.

In this manner, this player is hereby BLACKLISTED for one week.

Now, a message to the person that did it:

-> When you abuse admin, this is bad for our clan. Servers that have abusers admins can be banned from the masterserver. PSY will *NOT* tolarate any kind of abuse, specially if it jeopardizes the clan.

@All :: Find the logs of the incident here (accessible only to logged-in PSYs).





  • [PSY]Infinity 1207 days ago

    That is not good... does this player have the admin in PSY servers withouth beeing PSY? (old PSY but "retired/gone") or it is a PSY member and you know him good? :S

  • [PSY]Death 1206 days ago

    it was an active member :/ and only PSYs have admin.

  • ArM4G3DDoN 1205 days ago

    Ajaja caramba :) you blacklisted me for some noobs whom I have kicked from training server because they have voted every second a new map

  • [PSY]Death 1205 days ago

    No. You are blacklisted because you constantly break PSY rules. You know you need your tag and nick before getting admin, we spoke about that A THOUSAND times.

    Also, you have been blacklisted not because you "kicked noobs", you simply kicked EVERYONE from the server and set it private. It's on the logs, dude. I'm not stupid, to lie is pointless.

    You have a big history of misbehaviour. Despite you are the oldest of the PSYs in age, you for several opportunities acted like a child.

    -> Remember when Jamz banned you for hacking? That destroys PSY reputation and I had to intervene to save your ass.
    -> Remember how many times you get another nick and don't talk to the PSYs, even if we are in the same server?
    -> Remember when you got another fucking nick again, got admin, and kicked a fellow PSY?

    Dude, how many times we have to discuss about this? Why can't you follow these simple rules and respect the players?

    I'm done with this shit.

    There are complains about abuse admin in PSY servers already published on AC Forum. As from now on, it's TOLERANCE ZERO for abusers.

    First abuse admin :: 1 week blacklist
    Second abuse admin :: kicked from the clan.

    If you don't agree, just leave the clan already. As showed on your actions, you don't respect the clan anyway, so I don't see why you are still here.

    This is your very last chance to stay on PSY. If you decide to take this chance, you need to change your behavior. If you don't want this chance, just quit the clan before being kicked.

  • [PSY]Death 1205 days ago


    Hello all,

    I have been informed that Armagedon (gazi) has left the clan. A ticket has been opened for the IT Division in order to proceed with his deletion.

    Thank you all and let's move forward with respect and fair play.


  • [PSY]Infinity 1204 days ago

    Armagedon, I dont think that Vector or .vM|Storch are noobs or map vote abusers...  Vector is a good player and .vM|Storch is a nice person,  you should have apologized or change your mistake man.. :(

  • gy_be 1192 days ago

    Wow, someone didn't learn from a mistake of.. ahem.. another. Too bad.