Christmas Cup

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By quico 1475 days ago Comments (5)

Hey PSY's im doing a new post, for ask you a thing. What about do a team for join the Christma Cup? It would be a good way for get so active, and a good train. We will play vs the best ac players :D You can watch the information of this Cup here

If you want to participate just tell me :D Write it here ( for participate we will have to train, and the team members have to be so active )



  • [PSY]Death 1475 days ago

    Awesome \o/

  • ArM4G3DDoN 1474 days ago

    Good but people are going to laugh at us, we are not good for Cup, we will play vs the best ac players !!! and another thing, there are not many active psy's at this time.

  • quico 1473 days ago

    First gazi, if we dont start playing in cups we will never be better. Other thing, we can do mixed teams. And other thing, just train, if we train we will be better, not really difficult :P

  • [PSY]Encrypted 1471 days ago

    Gazi is right that we might not have enough players, but sure, training is a way to success. And people shouldn't laugh at us, we're friendly with most (if not all) clans and even single individuals in AC world.

  • quico 1471 days ago

    I'm watching 4 PSY's ... Encrypted, Gazi, Death, YourTeddy.... Im sure we can do something...